Baby Nicknames

If you know me, you’ll know that I frequently come up with alternate names for things off of the top of my head. My baby is no different. Here, in no particular order, are the things that I call Theodore on any given day.

Ted, Teddy, Teddy Bear, Teddle Bear, T Bear, Teddle, Lump, Grump Lump, Cheese Ball, Grumper, Grumpers, Grumper Face, Poop Monster, Food Monster, Milk Zombie, Chunk, String Bean, Jackhammer, Monster, Poop Machine, Bug, Baby Bug, Buglet, Teddy Bug, Teddle Bug, Bug Bear, Robot, Milk Robot, Useless, Drool Monster, Milk Breath, Theodorable, Fuss, Fuss Bus, Cliff Fusstable, and Bus of Fuss.

My favorite is Grump Lump, followed by Fuss Bus.


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